Blooming Butterflies

IMG_6385IMG_6388Last weekend, we went to the zoo.

Papa was excited about the big snakes in the rain forest exhibit.

The oldest daughter was in awe of the coral reef tank and the lovely little sea horses.

The middle daughter loved the playful monkeys swinging on their ropes, exclaiming excitedly when she first spotted them:  “I find a monkey, Mama, I find a monkey!”

The littlest daughter was just thrilled to be out of her car seat after the long drive.

But I loved the butterfly house best of all.

IMG_6457Unlike most of the animal exhibits, which required you to observe them through glass or behind fences, the hoop house containing the butterflies was completely interactive.  They were free to flutter all around us and even land on us if they wished as we wandered along little pathways through a maze of wonderfully fragrant flowers—and short of actually touching them, we could get as close to them as we wanted, too.

There were butterflies of every shape, pattern, size and color, from all over the world, each one a miniature piece of exquisite fluttering artwork.

IMG_6459-1IMG_6453IMG_6451IMG_6452IMG_6455There’s something wonderful about kneeling beneath the sweetly scented white trumpets of nicotiana to show your wide-eyed two-year-old a blue Doris Longwing straight from the Amazon jungle, slowly opening and closing its stunning wings—and be reminded in yet another new and exotic way of what a beautiful world our Creator has made.

“All this also comes from the LORD Almighty, whose plan is wonderful, whose wisdom is magnificent.” (Isaiah 28:29)