Hello There!

inquisitive squirrel / rejoicing hills“You have crowned the year with Your bounty…and the little hills rejoice on every side.”  (Psalm 65:11, 12)

This bright-eyed furry face, pausing on his busy way just long enough to say hello, seemed an appropriate way to begin this first blog post.  I am, after all, a little like this bushy-tailed friend of mine, stopping briefly to peek around my tree trunk, curious about who may pause along their busy way in this big Internet world to look into my corner of woods.  Welcome, whoever you are.

This is a record of a journey of wonder, in small places, in splendid places, in unexpected places.  A journal of long walks through familiar woods and fields, along lakes and streams, always in search of beauty.  I am like that squirrel, always running about in search of treasure to stow away to savor and enjoy later—only I for-go the hazelnuts in favor of breathtaking moments in time, captured by the click of my shutter.  And, everywhere I search, and find without fail, the fingerprints of a Creator God.

May you find, as you join me on this journey through seasons, that the Lord has indeed crowned the year—and the world—with His bounty.  The little hills—and the little squirrels—rejoice on every side.  Come discover with me!

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