First Flowers of Spring

hepaticas / rejoicing hills“O Lord, how manifold are Thy works! 

hepatica buds / rejoicing hillsIn wisdom hast Thou made them all; 

three hepaticas / rejoicing hillsthe earth is full of Thy riches.”  (Psalm 104:24)

single hepatica / rejoicing hills

When the hepaticas push their furry stems up between the dead leaves and pine needles and lift their exquisite, dainty faces up to the sunshine from the forest floor, it is always a certain sign that spring is here to stay.  They are like tiny gems, diamond-studded circlets in settings of amethyst, so small one must stoop low and search to find them.  But when you do—ah, how easy it is to catch your breath and marvel at the riches of His earth!

2 thoughts on “First Flowers of Spring

  1. Love these little flowers but didn’t know their name. I think we always called them may flowers or little violets.

  2. I’ve read that they’re often called May flowers, too. If so, I guess they’re a little ahead of schedule this year! 🙂

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