Savoring Summer #3: Laying Eggs

IMG_1274 edit“Therefore, every one of you who judges is without excuse.  For when you judge another, you condemn yourself, since you, the judge, do the same things.”  (Romans 2:1)

This call to humility versus hypocrisy was so good today.  Always examine your own heart before daring to condemn another’s.  YES!

BUT—don’t take it out of context!  Read the whole previous passage before you start quoting it to prove a point.  The word “therefore” is key here.  In the context, this is a verse about sin versus righteousness.

It’s not a verse to be applied to mere “disagreements”.  For instance, this is not a verse about wearing masks versus not wearing masks in a pandemic—but there are other verses for that topic coming later—so stay tuned!

P.S. See this original post for info about this photo challenge and more about this reading plan I’m using this summer for the book of Romans (and I’d love to have you join in!)!  Also, if you’re reading along, feel free to share your own thoughts from today’s passage in the comments!

About the photo: I’m a little disappointed that this mama painted turtle ultimately decided that my flower garden was NOT the best place to deposit her precious eggs—but she dug a pretty deep hole before she came to that conclusion!


3 thoughts on “Savoring Summer #3: Laying Eggs

  1. Beth…I am so going to love these posts!! Thank you also for a great reading plan as I spend the next couple months up here with you in Minnesota.

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